I directed CATE for quite a few years and found it to be such a loving; accepting place. It is quite amazing how God works in that small camp. You don’t see it coming but it sure hits you. When you are in the chapel in the woods, sitting in the dining room, during a talent show or down at the campfire singing to the Lord, His presence is felt. 

 I had a boy ask me if he had to bow his head to pray. Such a simple question but one a youth dared ask. How long, I wonder had that young man wanted to know the answer to that question?

 If you could see all of them at the campfire when they start to feel what they are singing. There are just no words. There is no thought only the feel of what they are singing. Hands go up, some bow their heads and close their eyes, hands are held and many times tears flow. There is nothing scripted, it is left to God to move. 


Dolores Abbott Miller