CATE Discernment Process

The Leadership Commission of PNNE has held Focus Groups and invited written responses on the future of the property in Starks, Maine, formerly occupied by the Camp at the Eastward. In addition to the members of the Leadership Commission, 37 people either attended a discussion or sent a written response. One session sent a written response. We heard from some respondents wanting to resume a camping program on property and from others who put forth a way the Abenaki and former CATE staff/campers/committee members might share the property. While we heard these responses, the majority want to find an agreement to turn the land over to an indigenous tribe, the Abenaki, who were driven out of the region by the British in 1724. As Trustees of the presbytery, the Leadership Commission has the responsibility of charting a path forward. Included in our discussions is the importance of camping opportunities for young people which could occur through collaboration with nearby church camps. Many thanks to those who participated in the Focus Groups or sent in a written response. Please keep the Leadership Commission and all involved in this decision in your prayers.