Welcome to Mission at the Eastward

Creating safe places to live, providing transitional housing, enriching the lives of children and youth, and building resiliency in our Central Western Maine communities.


We BUILD Lives!

 McCleary House Renovation Project

There are a variety of important ways you can support the transformation.


Congratulations! After careful consideration, The Creative Ministries Offering Committee of Presbyterian Women (PW) has decided to fund your project up to $80,000

This was awesome news!!! Thank you PW for helping us fund the rest of the full renovation of the McCleary House!

Our Main Mission

MATE is comprised primarily of 3 ministries serving Western Central Maine. Follow the links below to explore:

MATE Youth Connection

MATE Youth Connection is Enriching the lives of youth through fun, mentorship and relationship.

MATE Housing Ministry

MATE Housing Ministry promotes the dignity of all by providing home repairs for safer, warmer and healthier homes. 

Transitional Housing

MATE’s newest ministry responds to a critical shortage of affordable housing for those in need. The first step is transforming McCleary House.


Armies of Volunteers

Each year, 300-400 amazing people come from all over country, primarily along the eastern seaboard, to serve our neighbors in Central Western Maine.

In addition to volunteers from out-of-state, MATE invites local Franklin County community members to help with projects, including the McCleary House. During the height of COVID-19, there were fewer volunteers coming from outside Maine. This past year, however, we were grateful for being able to welcome more out-of-state volunteers back to MATE to serve families requesting assistance. We aim to increase our volunteers back to the Pre-Covid levels to be able to serve more families in these rural Maine communities!  

MATE welcomes you to participate, even for one or two days. You can either bring your own team of volunteers, join a team, or work by yourself, and you don’t need special skills.

If you’re thinking about volunteering but are not sure, MATE has experienced team leaders called MATE Ambassadors available to provide information about what it’s like to work on MATE projects or how to organize a team for your church or organization. They are happy to answer questions. Contact us to connect to a MATE Ambassador.

MATE Leadership


What People Are Saying…

“I spent the first two thirds of the summer trapped in my house. Thanks to MATE’s Housing Ministry, I am now more self-sufficient. I am able to leave and return to my home in safety. There are only 4 steps to enter and exit the mobile home I live in. I have Parkinson’s Disease and have very poor balance and coordination. Because I had an injury this summer, I was climbing down the stairs sideways and crawling to get back up them. I didn’t think about asking for help. A concerned Board member and MATE volunteer, proposed theidea of having a ramp added on to my trailer. Long story short, MATE’s Housing Ministry, and some very dedicated volunteers, installed a ramp and I am now not only able to safely leave and return to my home, but I can take my walker with me, resulting in less falls. This ministry gave me back my independence. I will be forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who helped!”
Peace and Blessings,


“MATE has brought me so much closer to my church family within just a short weekend. Also within that weekend, we helped so many families with home projects that improved their living conditions dramatically. This weekend of teamwork brought smiles to everyone’s faces and I can’t wait for more trips like this!”

A youth housing ministry volunteer

“To the congregation and all who participated in the MATE program in northern Maine: Thank you especially to Matt and his crew who have done such wonderful work on my house. With people like you I can live in my house. Thank you and Merry Christmas.”